frequently asked questions

Where is Cam Con?

Cam Con is being hosted at the SLS Hotel in South Beach, May 28th - June 1st.

When is Fan Day?

Fan Day is on Friday May 31st. It will be offsite at Club Space in Miami.

What is Fan Day/Retail Night?

Industry Day is a showcase for all the brands who attend Cam Con (The Cons). Models will have a chance to walk around and visit every brand cabana. This is a poolside event that is an amazing learning opportunity for every model. There will be plenty of pool floats to go around ;)

What is Industry Day?

Industry Day is a showcase for all the brands who attend Cam Con (The Cons). Models will have a chance to walk around and visit every brand cabana. This is a poolside event that is an amazing learning opportunity for every model. There will be plenty of pool floats to go around ;)

When is Industry Day?

Industry day is Wednesday May 29th & 30th from 12pm to 6PM. Bring your bathing suits! It will be poolside at the Bazaar and Hyde pool at SLS :)

Who Can go to Industry Day?

Industry Day is a private event that ONLY Models, Industry Professionals and Press can attend.

Does all personal information in registration stay private?

Yes, all personal information stays private. Your Stage Name will be on your profile for fans to sponsor you once you register and on your badge at the show.

When do I get a model welcome package and what's inside?

1 month before the show. Models will receive a welcome letter, CamCon shirt, a printed schedule and a few goodies from our welcome package sponsor.

I didn't receive a welcome package, why?

Please make sure your address is correct in your profile and you have paid the deposit or have been sponsored to receive one. We send out model welcome packages up to the last 2 weeks before the show.

I didn't sign up in time to receive my welcome package. Can I still get one?

Yes, upon arrival ask model registration if there are any extras.

Do I need to purchase tickets and a booth if I am a model?

Your model ticket purchase gets you a booth and access to all the Cons Events.

How much is a booth for models?

We have 3 Packages, please see our website to determine which package is best for you. If you are staying at the SLS hotel we have special model ticket rates.

How can I get sponsored?

Register as a model on CamCon.com. Once your profile is complete and your deposit of $50 is paid you will receive your link to share with your fans (All personal info stays private). Your fans can also search you on the CamCon sponsorship page.

I'm a new model with not a lot of fans, should I get a booth or just attend Industry Day and the Seminars?

We encourage all new models to get a booth for Fan Day. You will meet a lot of new fans that are just discovering you.

How do I get access to the Model Lounge?

We have 3 Model packages. Two include all access to the model lounge for all 3 days. One includes access ONLY on Fan Day.

When do I schedule my hair and makeup?

After you get your show badge and bag at model registration you will be prompted to schedule your makeup appointments.

What do I sell at my booth?

Glamour pictures, posters, any customized merchandise, candy, clothing, stickers, signed merchandise, a bowl for raffles or tips, whatever you think fans would love to have with your autograph on it.

What size is my booth and what does it come with?

The booth is a 3 foot round high top table with a chair. We will have a printed sign with your stage name on your booth. We will have pipe and drape to hang or display your marketing materials. Bring whatever you need to hang your items. DON’T FORGET TO BRING AUTOGRAPH PENS.

Can I sit next to my friend on Fan Day?

Yes! Be on time at Fan Day and we can arrange the seating.

What do I wear to Fan Day?

You can wear anything as long as you’re not naked or showing any private parts ;)

Can I sell nude photos?

Yes, although we are not an adult conference you can sell nude pics. NO NUDE BANNERS WILL BE ALLOWED.

Will there be security?

Yes, we will have security at all our events and around the hotel and elevators. They can even walk you to your room if you request that.

My hotel room was sponsored, why do I need a credit card at check in?

You will need a credit card down for incidentals.

Will my sponsor know the room I'm in?

No, we will book your room for you with your sponsor’s money OR send you the money so you can book the room.

What is the Model Lounge?

The Model Lounge is where models register, hang out, relax, get hair/makeup, eat delicious model meals and snacks. It’s a Paparazzi free zone ;) Models are allowed to take pictures in the model lounge.

Should I bring my laptop to cam?

If you would like to bring your computer to cam you can. Models like to cam from Fan Day. Please come with a fully charged laptop. You will not have access to power outlets during Fan Day. Fan Day is a 3-hour event.

Are there model meals the whole time? Do I have to pay for that separate?

Yes, there are scheduled meals. We have brunch, dinner and snacks for models May 29th and May 30th in the SLS Model Lounge. May 31st is our off site Fan Night Model Lounge and it will have snacks and a Model Dinner before Fan Night starts. This is included in the VIP Packages.

I already paid for my trip. How do I collect my sponsorship money?

We will pass out all sponsorship money at Fan Day. If you do not show up for your booth on Fan Day, you will not receive any of the sponsorship money. You collect 90% of the sponsorship money at Fan Day. CamCon keeps up to 10% to pay for all transaction fees.

Should I go to seminars?

Seminars are not mandatory, but whether you're new to the industry or not, we definitely recommend checking out a few seminars. You will learn new things you didn't know and we have a few awesome raffles going on during that time. Seminars are for CamCon are Thursday May 30th and Cannabis Con seminars will be Friday May 31st.

How do I enter the various raffles?

At model registration you can register for raffles. You must be present to claim your prize. There are a lot of raffles every day, during Industry Day, Seminars, and Fan Day.

Do I have to be a Cam Model in order to have a booth?

No, any model can have a booth on Fan Day. There are no requirements other than being a model.

How do I get to the events NOT on the SLS Hotel?

We have transportation from the SLS for all models to EVERY off site event.

Where do Fans pick up their tickets?

There will be a Will Call at Fan Day.

Where do Models, Industry Professionals and Press pick up their Badges?

At the SLS during registration hours.

Does my ticket get me access to all 3 shows and events?